8Mbps Broadband Blockbuster Offer By PTCL

 8Mbps Broadband Blockbuster Offer By PTCLAn other super offer by Ptcl.Now Seamless internet access at a single click is possible 1st time in pakistan on normal pc and computer. Ptcl broadband has been introducing a new blockbuster offer 8Mbps with unlimited download. i think this is a perfect packages for every family living in pakistan.   This promotion offers 8Mbps Capped Package broadband in the price of Rs. 2,999 per month with unlimited downloads till 31st Dec 2014. Data limit will be applicable from 1st Jan 2015.


By getting this offer you stream uninterrupted video and speedy downloads. You can access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet. Value to the customers by making 8Mbps package more attractive and affordable. Access to latest information and knowledge resources.
Smart Spot ensures user mobility within the premises and shared connectivity.
Super high speed and reliability.
Uninterrupted Connectivity.
Offering 8Mbps Capped Package.
Smart Spot (PTCL Wi-Fi).
Installation Charges Rs. 1,500.
Billing Cap at Rs. 7,000 per month for 8Mbps Capped Package.
Additional GBs at Rs. 100 per GB.
100-GB download limit effective from 1st Jan 2015.
Unlimited downloads as a special promotion till 31st Dec 2014.
8Mbps Capped package @ Rs. 2,999 per month
For more information about this package make a call with you ptcl number or your mobile on 1218 or share about your thinking about ptcl and it’s offer in comment section.

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