Youth Skills Development Scheme By Prime Minister Of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif

Youth Skills Development  Scheme By Prime Minister Of Pakistan. it’s a great program started by gov of Pakistan. By the help of this scheme you can do many thing and you can improve your personal skill. the positive sound is that gov give you pay up to 4000 per month so go your area and find classes. here is some official information given by gov of Pakistan

The Youth Skills Development Scheme is aimed at providing vocational training to unemployed young individuals for acquiring productive skills for gainful employment.
Training program:
Standardized training modules of trades with a global demand will be offered. The duration of each will be six months.
Executing agency:
NAVTTC/Ministry of Education and Trainings would be the central executing agency of the scheme. Provincial TEVTAs and the Federal Government Skills Training Institutes that are to work in collaboration with the central executing agency, will be responsible for designing the program and the final evaluation form.
Budget Allocation FY 2013-14:
Rs.800 Million have been allocated to the scheme in the Financial Year 2013-2014 Budget.
Number of Trainees:
As estimated, 25,000 individuals will benefit from the scheme in the capacity of ‘trainees’.
A monthly stipend of Rs.2,000 for six months would be paid to each beneficiary of the scheme.
Fees support:
The government would support a fee equivalent to or less than Rs.3,000 per month for a duration of six months
Geographical spread:
The scheme has nationwide outreach. It is believed that outcome of such schemes shall not be restricted by factors such as provincial or regional affiliation.
Eligibility criteria:
Young men and women, who have received middle level education (8th Grade) and are maximum 25 years of age are eligible beneficiaries of the scheme.
So at the end of we have to say thanks to Prime Minister Of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz

Official Website For Youth Skills Development Program
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