Now 3G and 4G in Pakistan Working Fine

The recent auction of 3G and 4G technology held in Pakistan yielded the following results:

  1. Zong 10Mhz for 3G and 10Mhz for 4G
  2. Mobilink 10Mhz for 3G
  3. Telenor 5Mhz for 3G
  4. Ufone 5Mhz for 3G

Warid Telecom of Pakistan has contracted Ericsson for deployment of its 4G LTE network in Pakistan, we have confirmed with sources.
Network up-gradation and 4G LTE rollout contract was award to Ericsson after successful lab tests in which Warid scored considerably well.
After the conclusion of the auction for 3G and 4G licenses, all the service providers were busy advertising about the technology they will provide their users. Warid, on the other hand, remained silent at the time. Then they surprised everyone and announced the disputed launch of 4G LTE. Pakistani mobile phone users, who were still struggling to figure out the difference between 3G and 4G, now had another jargon to deal with. Moreover, Warid made an ad announcement that read “We are worth the wait, indeed. The best is yet to come. 4G LTE.”

Zong, on their official website, has also mentioned that they will be providing 4G LTE services of speeds up to 150 Mbps. The real question is not who is providing 4G LTE, but rather who will be the first to launch 4G LTE services to their customers?

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