Chrome extension Give bookmarks to Your right-click Menu

After installing Context Bookmarks, you’ll see a new line — Bookmarks Bar — on the context menu the next time you right-click. Mouse over it to view the bookmarks & folders you have saved on your bookmarks bar.

On most laptops — my 13-inch MacBook Pro included — screen actual estate is at a premium. To gain more space, I normally keep my bookmark bar hidden. With Chrome extension Context Bookmarks, I can keep Chrome’s bookmark bar hidden & keep my bookmarks in arm’s reach.

The last item in the Context Bookmark’s menu is Options, where you can have your bookmarks open in a new tab or a new tab in the background. By default, they open in your current page.

For lots of of my bookmarked sites, I removed any text & depend on only the favicon in an work to keep more bookmarks visible on the bar. In such cases, the Context Bookmarks extension doesn’t see these bookmarks & doesn’t include them in your right-click menu. So, in case you like the extension, you may require to return & add back some text for a number of the sites on your bookmarks bar.

In addition to adding an item to your right-click menu, Context Bookmark has another trick up its sleeve. It lets you use Chrome’s Omnibar (aka, the URL bar) to open all the sites saved in a folder. To do so, type in an “f” in to the Omnibar, hit the spacebar, & then type the name of the folder you require to open, & hit Enter.

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