Why Your Smart Phone’s Memory is Over Too Soon

People who use smart phones is often complained that he would not be too much data but still ends up in the phone memory, but not because of any fault of the phone making Companies such as operating systems, ring apps that use the phone’s memory is reduced from the beginning. A magazine recently revealed that, while the research on smart phones, 16GB is actually much space. It is also noteworthy that Android phones have less memory space than it does in Apple requires direct and see how much space is actually available in the company’s smart phone.
* Sony Xperia Z3 have only 11.18GB memory.
* Samsung Galaxy S have only 5 10.78GB memory.
* LG G-3 have 10.52GB memory is left.
* HTC One 8 have only 10.13 memory.
iPhone If you have iOS 8 6 Plus you’ll get 11.2GB memory.

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