How You Can Change Your SIM Network

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Now a days in Pakistan competition between telecom companies is very high, Every company wants more user more customers, that’s way we saw every time TVC on at least every TV channel working in Pakistan, Companies  also offer too many minutes, SMS, and mobile data bundles to their new customers on porting to their network, But the users don’t want to change there number so Today we will show you how can convert your Warid, Zong, Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone networks with each other without changing your number. Big yes! you can change your network with holding same number.
All setp are almost same for any networks. there are 5 steps to convert your sim.

  1. Type “MNP” and sent it to 667.
  2. Received SMS and forward it to “76???”
  3. You will get a PIN number, save it.
  4. Visit the nearest Sales & Service Center or Franchise or shop
  5. Get a new sim form your new network

Now we will explain all these 5 steps. 1sr step you have to write a text “MNP” than send it to 667 it will charge you Rs. 2+tax. after that you will received a SMS from your current network which will contain a details about you and your number. Now you have to forward this SMS to 76???. Change ??? to your network code, the all network codes are given at the end of this article. Than you will receive a PIN number which you have to show, at network sales and service center, franchise or shop you want to convert. After comply with rules they will gives you a new sim of your new network. 
Your parent sim will be deactivated and your new sim with new network will be working fine with your old number
Note: The current sim will may get up to a period of 3 to 4 days to de-activation 

Networks Cod:
  • Warid        76321
  • Ufone        76333
  • Mobilink   76300
  • Zong         76313
  • Telenor     76345

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