Now Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome

Now Use Whatsapp on Google Chrome
Now use for the very 1st time whatsapp on your computer. wait is over whatsapp launched a web client for web users. This app is also available for mobile as well as computer.

After a long wait, it was finally introduce app for internet browser on computer in addition to the mobile app. But hold down this option is only for those have already use whatsapp on their windows phone, Blackberry, apple or by using android smartphone. therefore, it is necessary to use the app from your phone in order to use it on your computer internet browser. 

To use the service you must install the latest version of whatsapp in your mobile, Then the site from their mobile app can be log to scanned QR Code. This wep client used can be used from google chrome an internet browser. To scan QR Code and to use the web client Click Here.

The founder of whatsapp Jan Koum says due to limited platform of apple, still we not have been introduced such a facility for iOS.

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