Pakistan FBR Will Charged Tax on Internet Companies

Fbr intends to impose 33% taxes on google in Pakistan. Google, Facebook, Dailymotion, Yahoo, and the other internet companies will be charged 33% tax. 

Federal Board of Revenue will implement the 33 percent tax on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Dailymotion and other internet companies. 

However the method has yet to be devised under which FBR will know the real income of these internet comapnies, FBR considering different ways for it. FBR says Pakistani companies earn from Pakistan and gives the tax to Pakistan so Google that making money form pakistan must have to pay tax to Pakistan. FBR also says that Google, Facebook, Dailymotion, Yahoo and other companies are taxpayer of India, UAE, Egypt etc, so as they pay other governments of the contries, they should pay the tax to the Government of Pakistan. The FBR has sent its summary to the Finance Ministry of Pakistan, After the plan is approved by Finance Ministry, FBR Will further work on it.

 In terms of advertising on the internet, Pakistan’s companies spent more then 25 billion in 2014. Google, Facebook Dailymotion and Yohoo is the largest part who did it.

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