Telenor Targets Rival Companies in New Advertisement

Telenor Talkshawk superLoad Offers interesting video advertisement was shooted
Telenor make openly mocked on other telecom companies in offer ad.
Competition between mobile phone companies trend is going on, any mobile company does not lose any opportunity to criticize other companies. Clear evidence is that mobile phone companies advertisement TVC. Other than we see just specific people in advertising the mobile phone companies. Now you also remember who work for which mobile phone company. Telenor makes openly mocked on those actress and actors. Ad shows the actor Ahsan Khan come as Ali Zafar who working for Mobilink, who wants to make call with his friend, but he don’t have Mobilink number. Before it Mobilink critisice directly to Telenor two time in their ad 3G in just Rs. 15 and Her Call Drop per 1 minute Free. and so on with every mobile phone company within pakistan.  

Telenor Talkshawk superLoad Offers Details

Here we are showing you full add watch and enjoy.

The World Cup 2015 Opportunity: Take one more advantage of this offer, Telenor offer opportunity to see the world cup 2015 in Australia, much more rechare so much more opportunities you will get. 

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