Apple will allow 4GB on the iOS App Store

A notification on the developer portal of Apple’s website advises that the change will allow users to “include more data in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation”.
The maximum available download via cellular networks remains at 100MB, however, so the big stuff is going to have to be downloaded over WiFi.
It will also mean that certain games that were only available through streaming will now be available for porting.
But given that the entry level iPhone is 16GB, and the most recent version of iOS8 was over 4GB itself, it could mean that one or two apps could monopolise the entire phone.

Google made a similar move last year when it allowed apps in the Google Play store to jump from the original 50MB limit.
However, Google implements it in a slightly different way with larger apps being loaded separately but seamlessly as “additional files” often sent straight to an external SD card.
Apple devices don’t offer external SD card options, but the top whack iPhone 6 does offer 128GB onboard storage.
The capabilities of mobile gaming have grown hugely since the first smartphones arrived and, with dedicated gaming devices such as the Nvidia Shield demanding more and more complex chips and taking more and more memory, this move will be seen by many as an indication of plans to cram even more gaming power into a forthcoming iPhone 7.

It could even indicate that maybe Apple wants to take on the big console makers at their own game.

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