Essays On Regionalism In Pakistan

Essays On Regionalism In Pakistan
Like other ‘isms’ regionalism has also become a Geo-socio-political creed. Regionalism means regional grouping for some social, economic or political purpose. It has been defined regional patriotism, like chauvinism or narrow patriotism. Regionalism breeds contempt and kills corrective thinking.

In Pakistan regionalism has taken a different shape. It is based on ties of Land and Language. It is essentially ethnic. Instead of being proud of being Pakistanis or Muslims, we take pride in calling ourselves sons of the soils. Such growing regional tendencies lead to feelings of hatred, jealousy, narrow mindedness, fear and favourestism, create social tension; and above all division and weakening og the goverment. No country can survive without collective thinking and collective will. 

Regionalism in Pakistan is assuming an ugly shape. It has infested all the walks of public life. It has become a bane for national unity. The neighbouring country has won freedom with us. There are eighteen provinces and numerous federating states. People follow more than a dozen religious creeds and more than hundred languages and dialects are spoken by them. Still they are united and have strong sense of nationalism which keeps down regional feelings. No doubt there have been repeated riots and tensions, but they are not allowed to cause cracks in the national edifice. The reasons are national leadership and stable and strong government.
           In conclusion it can be said that regionalism is like a cancer in the body politics of Pakistan. it is the cause of regional rivalry and has destroyed the sense of right and wrong  among the people. It had been the cause of our national disintegration and show down for our brave defenders. It has now assumed clandestine forms of political intrigues, maligning of Pakistan in the foreign instigate parochial feelings and propaganda through editorials and articles, to humiliate Pakistani and the Muslim Umma. It has weakened our national Foundation. 

                  The only remedy lies into awakening sense of national identity and pride, in patronizing all that is Pakistani and the upholding our national heritage, Let the local and small traditions merge within the Great Tradition given by the Apostle of Allah. 

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