How to Factory Reset Android Phone

How to Factory Reset Android Phone

A factory reset is a process to restore the software of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on it. Doing so will erase all of the data, settings, and applications that were previously installed on the device. Today I will give you some tips how to factory reset android phone.

When does “Factory Reset” help you while using android device?

If you are planning to sell your old android device and get a new one, you must have to erase all of your app info, selfies, videos, private messages and browsing history from your old one.
If your android device has become extraordinary slow or sluggish, you will have to reset your android device to get optimum from your device.
We are going to share two easy ways to format or restore your android device to its original state.

Before proceeding ahead, be sure to back up any files or data you don’t want to lose, because you will no longer be able to get it back once you reset your device.

Restoring Android Device from Setting Menu

Erasing your android device and restoring it to factory state is a very simple procedure. There are only three steps to do so. Beware that you are going to erase all of your photos, videos, apps and personal data from the internal storage of your device.


Open the Setting menu of your device and navigate to Backup & Reset.
Choose Backup My Data and Automatic Restore from the next screen and tap Factory
Data Reset.
Tap Reset Phone to confirm.
Your device will be restarted to its original state.
Restoring Android Device if Setting Menu Not Accessible

What to do if you have, unfortunately, lost your android device or broken its display and you are unable to access the Setting menu?

My dear android user! Don’t worry. You are still able to reset to your android device to its original state.

We hope that you have installed Android Device Manager and enabled the Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remote Factory Reset options.


After that follow these simple steps:

Log into your Google Play account (the one registered to your lost or broken android device)
Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner
Click Android Device Manager
Select the desired device
Click Erase
When asked to confirm, click Erase again

You have done on your side, now it is the Google’s turn. Google will now do its best to connect to the device and initiate a factory reset via the magical powers of the internet.
The result will be the same as if performing a factory reset directly from the phone via the settings menu.

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