Warid Re-brands Corporate Values Aims for Cultural Transformation

Warid Re-brands Corporate Values Aims for Cultural Transformation

Warid Re-brands Corporate Values Aims for Cultural Transformation  

Warid Supervision Team while cutting 3W  cake. From right Mr. Muneer Farooqui, CEO Warid Telecom, Mr. Tariq Gulzar, CFO, Mr. Nayab Baig, VP HUMAN RESOURCES and Mr. Farid Ahmad CSO Warid Phone system.

Lahore, April 2015: Warid Telecom, a capacity building group, recently marked its 10 years of service superiority in Pakistan. Being identified as the most reliable telecom service provider, the company is also among the top industry employers.

Geared towards maintaining its leadership as preferred employer, the Organization has undertaken several endeavours for cultural transformation. The corporation has introduced 3W (Warid Working Way) due to the employees to meet the evolving needs of the organization and the industry dynamics.

3W is an extensive model which is customized and covers each of the dimensions and elements of the organizational culture. These consist of; Warid Values, Warid Blocks (a unique take with traditional organizational competencies), Warid Leadership Way and Warid Code of Conduct. Together most of these elements define the organization’s character and its people.

This model supplemented using Warid’s Purpose, reinforces Warid’s commitment to supply the most delightful customer experience whenever.

Mr. Nayab Baig, Vice Web design manager People & Culture, even though commenting on cultural Re-branding mentioned “Our company owes its success to both its internal and external clients, the employees and absolutely free themes. The 3W initiative will truly bring about a remarkable change within the organizational culture of Warid in addition to the level of satisfaction experienced from the consumers. An increase in the amount of performance backed up from the new behaviors of our employees certainly will benefit our consumers, who are our first priority. 

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3W interactive sessions were held from the Warid’s Organizational Excellence team over the country. These sessions aimed to strengthen the desired behaviours. This will be and then more events and activities all through the year which will instil 3W in the DNA of the group. 3W will have an extended term positive impact on Warid’s culture and therefore its performance as a business.

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