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Removing a Virus from Android Smartphone

Removing a Virus from  Android Smartphone

The virus is something that can take control of almost any computing device in the world, may it be a PC or your smartphone you can’t live without.

What if your Android smartphone catches a virus and start behaving like nonsense device.
The virus would definitely be an app that can transmit your private data to any other part of the world without you having a slightest of clue about it until the damage is done. Apart from hacking into your private info, the virus can turn your phone upside down. 
There are few steps that you can take to either stop this devil from entering into your smartphone or you can remove it if it is there.
Stay Away from Apps that are not on Google Play 
The very first remedy is to stay away from the applications / apps that are not on Google Play, which means, don’t install apps that are not known to Google.
Make sure that you never install such app by turning on the option that is present in every Android device. Open Setting menu and look for ‘security’ option and ensure that ‘allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ is disabled.
There could be valid reasons when you would want to install an app which is placed other than Play Store. In that case, do your homework before installing it. Check its permissions, read the online reviews about this application and carefully read the developer’s site which will give you an idea about the reputation and performance of this app. Why would a video player app need the permission to access your contacts?
Go for an anti-virus
Look for an anti-virus for your smartphone. There are plenty of free options available on the market but there are always the paid version for more serious players.
Nevertheless, certain free apps are more than enough to create the basic level of deterrence. 360 security, AVAST, AVG etc are the ones that you can install freely and you will feel a positive impact on the performance of your phone.
Certain anti-virus apps can trigger false notification about the apps that you have been using for months. Knowing the fact that these apps have not been a security risk to you, the notifications can be simply ignored.
If you know that your smartphone is infected with a virus or malware then you need to kick that out of your system. There are couple of ways to do the task. The most lethal one is the factory reset that will erase everything on your smartphone device but the drawback is that you will also lose your entire data on the device. Before going ahead with such an attempt, make sure that have taken the backup of all the data. The backup can be on a local computer or you can store things on auto with the help of certain cloud services. Many of the brands including Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo etc are offering their own cloud services for backing up and restoring the data.
Removing the app manually
Step 1
Another safe way is to pinpoint the app which is the trouble maker. Go into the Safe Mode of your smartphone which prevents all  the third-party app including the virus. On most of the devices, Safe Mode can be activated by doing the following steps;
a)  Turn off your Android device. 
b)  Press the Power button to start your device. 
c)  During the startup, hold down the Menu button/Volume key until the device starts into Safe Mode.
Safe Mode can always be turned off by just restarting your device.
Step 2
Open the Setting Menu, choose Apps and click the tab Downloaded. See which app is troubling you or if you don’t know the name of particular app, go through the entire list and see which app looks fishy which was not installed by you.
Step 3
Tap on the malicious app and you will see an interface that will match the image. Force stop and Uninstall the app. Just that. Some stubborn viruses gain the device administrator status and in such case the Uninstall button gets greyed. That means you cannot press it.
Step 4
In such a case, exit the apps, once again go into Settings, Security but this time, tap on Device Administrator. Here you will find a list of apps having the status of Administrator. Simply, untick the box for the app you want to remove and then ‘Deactivate’ it on the next screen. Now, it should be very easy for you to “Uninstall” the app from Apps area.
Step 5
As we have mentioned above, you can restart your smartphone now to deactivate the Safe Mode and start using your device normally

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