CUJO An Internet Security device

CUJO An Internet Security device
As soon as the dependence of people on smart devices has been increasing,  they are becoming more concerned as well as vulnerable to the risk of getting hacked and being prone to cyber criminals.
For this reason, a device CUJO that looks more like a decent decoration piece has created to secure all the devices in your home including laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. 
CUJO uses a multi-layer approach by offering all in one combination of firewall, antivirus, and malware to protect connected devices against hackers, viruses, and dangerous sites through firewalls and antivirus protection. 
All you need to connect your router to this white colored device and it will start scanning incoming traffic for potential threats. In case your home network gets attacked, a notification will be sent to the app of user with additional details. 
Buy now, CUJO has already raised more than $128,000 funding which is four times more than the campaign financing goal of $30,000. The company expects to release the final version of this little yet useful device in February or March in 2016 

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