Salim Ghauri From Nothing To Everything

Salim Ghauri From Nothing To Everything
The business community in Pakistan is not fond of producing biographies. Even those have played their innings as successful businessmen seldom decide to share their success, experience and vision with the people. Instead, they prefer to restrict all their expertise and knowledge to their near and dear ones.
Salim Ghauri has decided to share his success of setting a world renowned Information Technology (IT) firm, namely NetSol, with the Pakistani youth. He has earned success as an entrepreneur at a very early age. His company is exporting a complete solution for leasing to the Mercedes Benz. Besides, his software is also ruling the banking market in the Asia Pacific. Salim Ghauri has taken a soft image of Pakistan to the international community. Now, he has shared his key to success as an entrepreneur for the young generation of Pakistan in the shape of “Ghauri”, his Biography.
His biography can be described in one line that it teaches the art of how one should never give up in his life. His success has proven that only an ambition person can achieve his targets in his life. ‘Struggle’ could be the second name of his biography. 
Generally, no one asks from a successful businessman that how many times he was failed during his schooling. But Salim Ghauri has taken the courage to share his poor education skills, pushing the teachers of his time to promote him without taking exams.
In recent past, the leading universities and colleges have been invitiing Salim Ghauri as a guest speaker to share his success story with their students. Hundreds and thousands of students, particularly those with the IT background, idealize him in their future planning. Ghauri is a gift for all such youngsters who want to establish an enterprise in Pakistan and become successful at the end of the day.
Salim Ghauri is already known as bill Gates of Pakistan. He has become a source of inspiration for many youngsters all across the Pakistan and they follow him religiously on face book and other social media outlets.

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