Islamic IT Products IMurshid

A Dubai-based company X-concepts have launched a series of Islamic IT products, including the world largest islamic mobile app iMurshid that assist users with the local prayer timing qibla direction , Islamic calendar and events, Halal Restaurants, Mosques in vicinity, translation of the meanings of the noble quran in many languages and its Tafseer, Zakat Calculator, Dua and Azkar, Islamic TV and Radio, Islamic Wallpaprs and Islamic news and much more.

Imurshid also feature a complete collection of 18,000 authentic hadithsm help to keep  track of Zakat, Charity, prayers, fasting and other forms of worship, a special Hajj and Umrah portal and a social front to find jobs, sell properties and cars etc. Seems comprehensive isn’t it?

Apart from this, the company has also launched Islamic Router, and the Islamic tablet in the Gitex 2015 event.

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