Oppo World’s Fastest Mobile Charger

Oppo World’s Fastest Mobile Charger price in pakistan
Oppo showcased world’s fastest mobile battery charger at MWC.   The “Super VOOC Flash Charge” charges any cell phone battery in just 15 minutes.    According to the company, the charger uses low-voltage 5V pulse charge algorithm to keep the charge at low temperature. 
The charger features a smart MCU chip (flash core). Wire connector and adapter use military grade materials. Merely a 5 minute charge will give battery the time of 10  hours, meaning, the battery will be charged 45 percent in just five minutes. It can fully charge a 2500 mAh battery in less than 15 minutes.
Keep in mind that this charger will not be compatible with non Oppo devices. Oppo has likely designed this charger to make users change their smartphone and get an Oppo device.

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