Direct Carrier Billing on Google Play With Telenor

Telenor brings the convenience of buying Apps and In-App content on Google Play without any hassle of credit/debit card. Simply buy content through prepaid mobile balance or charge to postpaid bill for a whole new experience.
Access to Premium, Subscriptions and In-App Purchases.
User can buy App, In-App or subscription of upto 2500 PKR
Monthly spend limit on Google play is 15000 PKR
For security, password can be enabled at every purchase from authentication settings
Charges are mentioned in PKR with each App and In-App content. There are no additional charges for using the Direct Carrier Billing service. If you are on mobile internet with no internet bundle active while using the services, then standard charges apply.
Direct carrier billing (DCB) on Google Play is a payment method that uses your mobile balance to buy Google Play content such as Apps and In-App purchases.
How can I setup DCB on my phone?
Open Google Play and make sure you are signed in with your Google account
Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left , and select “Account” in Google Play Store
Tap on “Payment Methods”
Tap on “Use Telenor Billing”
Enter required details in fields and tap “Save”
A pop up would appear saying “Verifying Account”.  You should now be able to see “Bill my Telenor account” payment option while buying content.
How can I buy content with DCB?
Locate your content and click on the button with price indicated
If  you are seeing debit/credit card option instead of “Bill my Telenor account” then first click on the small arrow next to 4 digits of your debit/credit card and 
select “Bill my Telenor account”
Tap “Buy”
Enter your Google account password and tap “Confirm”
You should see “Payment successful” message. You can view the content purchased in your “Order History

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