Summer Maintenance Tips for Your 3 Most Used Home Appliances

We all know how terrible summer in Pakistan can be, especially with temperatures rising bizarrely high every year. However, the positive side of having summer around is that you get the chance to go to the beach, enjoy playing sports, partying out with your friends, and eventually heading back home to clean things up. This could mean extra loads of laundry, spending more time in front of the stove or cooking range to make delectable meals for those hungry ones, overloading freezers and refrigerators with food, and washing an endless supply of dishes in the dishwasher. During summer, eventually your home appliances will call for proper maintenance!

Appliance maintenance means to carry out those measures that could help you to avoid a complete breakdown, repair or experiencing any inconvenience. To keep all your appliances in the best working conditions, even during hot summer months, read through these maintenance tips for your three most used home appliances.

  • Refrigerator

Admit it; there is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of water after a busy day out in the sun. If you have an ICEAGE refrigerator, and if you want to ensure that these appliances live up to the job of keeping water cold, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Overloading your refrigerator is a bad idea! Even though you may get the temptation to overload it with more beverages and food, you should know that the more the load it has, the more the compressor will have to work to keep the things fresh and cold. Both freezers and fridge spaces work best and efficiently and when cool air can circulate around the food. Overloading can lead to poor cooling, spoiling of foods, and eventually the compressor will stop working.
Limit the number of times you open the doors of the refrigerator. Each time you open it, in summer, the temperature will drop several degrees. This makes the compressor work harder to maintain the temperature inside.
Keep the gaskets of the doors clean, so they can close and seal properly. If you stock up sticky foods on the gasket, it could require you to pull the doors harder and eventually, this tears the gasket. You can use a sponge and warm water to clean it well and save on the electricity and repair bills.
Vacuum the refrigerator coils along the rear, and bottom front of your appliance. This will help to keep the fridge running smoothly and efficiently, hence allows you to save money.
Make sure that you discard expired foods and rotten ones. This helps to prevent contamination and keeps your refrigerator smelling clean and fresh.

  • Dryer

Summer rain, pool parties, and some fun time in water parks will all push your dryers to workout harder. This summer, to keep it working properly:

Do not overload it. Cramming excess clothes into the dryer than recommended can damage the belts, motor and other moving parts. Load it in smaller sections to dry clothes faster and save energy.
After every load, do not forget to clean the lint filter. A clogged lint filter reduces airflow and soon shits down the thermostat before the clothes dry. It may also lead to overheating, which can shrink clothes and damage the machine.
Occasionally, you can clean the lint filters by gently scrubbing it with mild detergent and water. The water should flow through and pool the filter up.

  • Washing Machine

High capacity and high efficiency washing machines are perfect for all your laundry related needs, but when you add more clothes in more volume due to summertime needs, you may head for breakdowns. If you follow these tips, you can keep your machine working in the best condition.

It is best to wash clothes in smaller loads. If you add in heavy loads, such as towels more than one, it can put up a strain on your washer. Avoid adding in heavy clothes, even if they fit in the washer, they could exert more pressure on the motor and cause internal damage.
When not in use, leave the door open to allow moisture out and prevent musty smell.
Use a damp cloth to clean the drum inside. This helps to reduce soap, grease, and dirt residue, as well as the removal and buildup of slime. You can use some white vinegar or lime juice to reduce grease buildup
Remove and clean the lint filter. Keep in mind that accumulated lint will clog the water pipes and result in poor operation of the washing machine. In addition to improper function and washing of clothes, this could lead to the machine stopping in mid cycles and not draining the water completely.
With a little effort and time, your home appliances can continue to work well and you can save money, prevent summer effects and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle!

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