How to Make animated GIF from Youtube Video

How to Make animated GIF from Youtube Video

In 1987 CompuServe was introduce animated GIF format. In earlier it is used for pictures, in which many pictures converted to one dynamic picture. But nowadays video can also be converted into GIF format. There is to many software is available for making GIF format. Even though online videos or part of videos can also easily converted into GIF format.

Right now YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. YouTube videos converting in to GIF is so easy, It to easy as you have to just change little bit in URL.

There is many different ways by which you can easily converted YouTube videos in to GIF Image.

1. Open YouTube video which you want to convert in browser.
2.  After that add gif after “www.”  in URL address bar, like if your video URL is, then replace it with
3.  It will open new youtube window, Here you can select 15 seconds part of video with slider, which you want to make GIF.
4.  Afert selecting video portion, click on Create GIF.
5.  Take your Developed GIF, which can be shared on social media.

There is online website also by which you can make GIF, is well know website where you can make youtube video into GIF.

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