0309 King Series

Jazz 0309 King Series Offer


As it continues to grow bigger, stronger and mightier by the day, Pakistan’s Tez Tareen aur Behtareen 3G + 4G Network is introducing the latest number series; the 0309 King Series where you will have the freedom to get a number of your choice. The new 0309 King Series also bring amazing offers: 0309 King Series

Get 700 Jazz | Warid Minutes, 700 SMS and 700 MBs for 7 days by dialing *191#

Get 1500 MBs, 1500 Jazz | Warid Minutes and 1500 SMS for 7 days in Rs. 99 by dialing *989#

Visit your nearest Jazz Retailer, Jazz Point or Jazz Experience Center to get your favorite 0309 King Series Number.

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