Tecno Mobile Merges with Infinix Mobile

Tecno Mobile Merges with Infinix Mobile

The Chinese mobile company, Tecno Mobile has merge its operations with Infinix in Pakistan.

With great concerned we have come to know  that the sales and marketing team of the these companies will work together from now. The companies will cooperate with each other on operations and marketing while their brand names will remain same.

With together they will eventually increase the efficiency of their sales and it will also increcs their value in market.

Infinix Mobile is a popular smartphones brand in Pakistan now a days. The combination deal with Tecno Mobile will be definitely supportive for Infinix in Pakistan. Because Tecno has official distributor in the country and sells its smartphones through online retailers too. In addition United Mobile is a big distributor of Tecno Mobile. It has promoted the Tecno Mobile to the local retailers.


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