Booked your flights? Now book your Careem!

Booked your flights? Now book your Careem!

Traveling season is upon us – and what better way to start your journey, than with the comfort of a Careem car? That’s right, Careem offers safe, reliable, and convenient journeys to and from the airport! And that’s not all, travel without paying any extra fare for parking – the amount is already incorporated in the ride fare!

To make your journey as smooth sailing as possible, enter your flight details and an active contact number in the ‘Notes to Captain’ section on the Careem app, so that the Captain can be ready for you when you arrive. To ensure a timely journey, schedule a ‘Later’ booking for about 20 minutes after your time of arrival for local flights, and 60 minutes for international flights. If you have extra luggage, make sure to book a Business Car Type, to ensure room for all your baggage!

For any difficulties or questions, please contact 111-CAREEM
(111-227-336) for customer support.

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