Rumors, specs, release date and price of new iPhone 2018

Rumors, specs, release date and price of new iPhone 2018

There are many rumors circulating about new iPhone for 2018, whether it will be “the iPhone 11, XI, or XPlus” when will it be released, what will be the new features, design, price, tech, and specifications.

What will be the name of new iPhone?

There are a lot of potential names for the new 2018 iPhone.

It might be:

iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus

iPhone 11 and 11

iPhone Xs and Xs Plus

iPhone X Plus

The release date of new iPhones 2018

Expected date of unraveling the new iPhones is September 2018. This might be one year later after launching the iPhone 8. It’s Apple’s usual habit of launching a new iPhone in every September.

How many new iPhones will be launched by Apple?

Primary reports suggest that Apple is going to launch three new iPhones in autumn 2018. More reports indicate that it can be four. And that these may have the same screen design with the now-familiar chip. There are other different predictions, as Nikkei expects two new OLED models, in 6.3in and 5.8in sizes, and an LCD phone estimating 6.1in. According to DigiTimes Research, four new phones will be launched:

  • 5.7- to 5.8in LCD
  • 6.0- to 6.1in LCD
  • 6.0- to 6.1in OLED
  • 6.4- to 6.5in OLED

iPhone 2018 prices

We could foresee the new models will be priced at the level of previous models, as iPhone X was priced £999/$999, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were starting from £699/$699 and £799/$799. An analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that “iPhone X Plus” will sell for $900-$1,000.

New iPhone design changes

Here are major changes in iPhones we heard about:

Screen design:

It is expected of Apple’s late-2018 iPhones to take up all-screen iPhone X design. This means that it will have a bezel-free design, Face ID camera, without Home button. The bezel-less design permits Apple to proffer a larger screen into the same size of the body. X Plus would have a 6.5in screen and the same dimensions as the iPhone 8 Plus. New models will probably have a smaller notch at the front including the FaceTime camera and facial recognition sensors.

It is suggested that iPhone is going to introduce a screen technology, permits sensors to lie in microscopic spaces within pixels. These gaps would be unseen and are meant to embed sensors in the display.

Metal/glass back?

It is claimed that there will be two OLED phones in autumn 2018, and this will likely to have a metal back. There is a chance that this device could not be capable of wireless charging.

Color options

iPhone would be available in various colors including blue, yellow, and pink. All colors are meant to appeal to young users. Apple is also considering a gold color option again, it is appealing for Asian users.

New iPhone screen sizes

There would be three or four different screen sizes; these could be 6.5in, 6.1in and 5.8in, as mentioned above: an LCD of 5.7 to 5.8in, two phones measuring 6.0 to 6.1in and an OLED screen measuring 6.4 to 6.5in.

Screen resolution/pixel density

New iPhones would probably have 458ppi screen resolution and pixel density. The iPhone X had 2436 x 1125 resolution and 459 pixels per inch, or ppi, so we expect no more than this in new iPhones. There is another rumor that pixel density is greater than 2,500ppi.

Curved screen

New iPhone could have a curved screen, rumors suggest as Apple is working screens that could curve inside from top to bottom.

New features & tech specs

Here is what we’re expecting in 2018.

Face ID/Touch ID

Apple is going to expand its Face ID facial recognition tech to all new iPhones. Apple’s plans depend on how glowingly Face ID is received. If users find it difficult in use, the company will find more resources into solving the under-screen fingerprint scanner issue. Apple would introduce fingerprint sensing display which only permits specific users to open certain apps.

A12 processor

New iPhones will probably have A12 processors. It is claimed that TSMC has produced a huge amount of new chips which are using a 7-nanometer design which is smaller, faster, and efficient than 10- nanometer chips. It will increase 20% speed bump and reduce 40% power consumption.


It is expected that new models would have a 2850-2950 mAh battery. This would be 8% more capacious than iPhone X’s batteries. These batteries will be rectangular.


It is claimed that new iPhone could have 4GB RAM. The iPhone X has 3GB RAM.

Gigabit LTE/LTE Advanced

One of the biggest things is Gigabit LTE. Gigabit LTE gives download speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second.

Those phones that are ready to support it will be capable to get benefits of the faster upload and download speeds.

Fast charging

Apple is going to embody a more powerful charger with the new 2018 models.

Apple will ship an 18-watt USB-C to a lightning fast charger. Using a USB-C for power delivery would result in faster power delivery compared to the USB-A ports.

New iPhone Cameras

According to an update, new iPhone would have following camera features:

Triple camera lenses

A report in June 2018 suggests that iPhone X Plus would have triple camera lenses on its rear.

Front-facing ‘ 3D camera

According to an analyst, iPhone X’s will have 3D sensing capabilities. In 2019 there will be more improvements to the True Depth camera on the front and back of the new iPhone.

Rear-facing 3D scanner

It is reported in 2017 that new iPhones will have a 3D scanner on its rear, which will cite familiar people by using time flight approach.

‘Super-resolution’ photos

New iPhones would be able to capture super-resolution photos. They will take photos from different angles and would tie them together to make a super-resolution image.

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