SimSim By Finca A True Game Changer App

SimSim By Finca A True Game Changer App

Recently FINJA and FINCA microfinance Bank has introduced a true game changer app called SimSim by finca.

SimSim by finca is a mobile wallet / or we can say complete bank account that gives a secure & easy way of send transfer or get money, anytime from anywhere free of cost.

SimSim is not just to send and receive money but it has many more features like Mobile Top-ups, Utility Bill Payments, IBFT Online Bank Transfer, pay for digital merchants, movies ticket and much more.

There are already Mobile Apps working in market like Easypaisa, JazzCash, Upaisa and they have huge amount of users also but deference is that SimSim by finca is totally free, while the other apps charges is too much. There is no charges on sending receiving money. But Just like Easypiasa, JazzCash there is no outlet to receive cash or Add cash into Mobile wallet yet but don’t worry they have a better solution we will talk about letter.

How to Register:

In order to get register with SimSim Simply download the App from Google App Store or PlayStore on your iOS and Android devices or scan the following QR code, and follow easy steps within the application to register.

It will required some personal information like your name, Father Name, Mother Name, date of birth, birth place etc. At that moment u may hesitate way they required that much information but don’t worry as already mention that this will be your mobile account and u have IBFT No. also for online banking.

How to add Fund:

There is many way to transfer funds in to SimSIm wallet, some are mention below.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

You can add cash in to your SimSim mobile account through IBFT by following steps;

  • Login to your internet banking account
  • Creat new beneficiary
  • Add your Finca account as new beneficiary
  • Use your mobile number (simSim wallet number) as your account number
  • Go to fund transfer
  • Add the amount your want to transfer
  • Confirm your details
  • Once transferred your will receive your money instantly


ATMs Transfer

2nd option is ATM to transfer funds in to SimSim Account

  • Insert ATM Card Into ATM machine enter your PIN code.
  • Select option for IBFT or transfer Fund to other Bank
  • Select Finca Bank & and enter your Finca Bank Account No. which is your Mobile No.
  • Enter the amount you wanna transfer
  • Account details will be show verify it and press ok

SimSim Users:

You can add money through sending a request to other SimSim user.

UBL Omni Agent:

Visit nearest UBL Omni shop and ask shopkeeper for money transfer there are more then 45,000 UBL Omni Agents

Finca Bank Account: You can also add money to your wallet through your Finca Bank account.


Cash-In at your doorstep:  One of the best option give by SimSim app you add money in SimSim at your doorstep by following steps.

  • Select “Add Money”
  • Select Cash-in at your Door Step
  • Insert amount and address
  • You get a confirmation call confirm the amount and address
  • Pay Cash to agent walking to your door step and get your wallet topped up instantly

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