Things to consider before buying a graphic card:

Things to consider before buying a graphic card:

Willing to modernize your gaming experience and play more advanced games like Call of Duty, Tomb Raider, etc. on your computer? But your computer is not supporting those heavy games which have very advanced graphics? Then the answer to all your problems is the installation of graphic card in your computer.

Graphic cards is a CPU hardware which is used to covert number into graphics. Some computers have built in CPU graphic cards in them which are ideal for 2D images, etc. But for gaming and 3D experience you have to install an external graphic card according to your need.

The graphic cards are quite expensive to buy therefore they should be bought very carefully. Graphic card price vary because of different requirements. You first have to understand your need before buying it. Graphic card online shopping as it is an easier way to obtain a high quality graphic card from the trusted sites. Following are some things which you need to consider before you buy graphic cards:

  1. AMD vs Nivdia Debate:

Well, actually this question doesn’t matter much as it’s just up to the consumers what they prefer. But, there are some minor things which make people very choosy about preferring which one. There is viable difference of display in both the chipsets. It actually isn’t much important to choose between only AMD andNivdia. You must carefully pick the one can fulfill all your needs in a budget friendly price.

  1. Graphic Processing Unit:

Graphic card GPU determine the video or display characteristics of a graphic card. GPUs also have some names that are fairly mysterious and unintuitive. These names have special meanings attached to them. It is also found the GPU having greater number is new and more powerful. For example, the GeForceGTX 60 is considered the most expensive and powerful lens of all times. Whereas, GTX 670 or GTX 680 are quite affordable but are very lower powerful as compared to GeForce GTX 690.

  • Memory and Speed:

You must be aware of the memory and speed of graphic card. You should have knowledge about how the memory and speed functions. A single model GPU can have two or more different amount of memory. The greater memory a graphic card has, faster the speed it will produce. The bandwidth of the graphic card should be taken into account, as a higher bandwidth produces high quality display and speed.

  1. DirectX:

Different cards support different number of Microsoft’s DirectX collection. Higher the quality of DirectX, the more realistic a display would look.

  1. Coolers:

Coolers are used to protect the graphic card from the heat produced by the CPU internally as GPUs are very sensitive and can be ruined because of heat.

  1. Output Port:

The graphic card is connected to the monitor with the help of a DVI external port.The port is a trapezoid shaped jackwhich is placed before the monitor cable.

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