Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2018-19

A report by State Bank of Pakistan shows that the figure of registered e-commerce merchants has increased by 2.6-times in a span of only twelve months.  And we’ve come to a position where, by the launch and adaptation of 3G and 4G services, the behavior of consumers in Smartphone acceptance, digital awareness, and internet penetration are changing. Pakistani businesses are embracing e-commerce as hundreds of retailers, ranging from shoes and clothing outlets to electronic equipment stores, are now turning towards websites to sell their goods. The appearances of some online marketplaces have brought ease for retailers to sell goods through the web.  Online Shopping in Pakistan is not a trend rather it is growing up to be a need now. and other companies OCS, Bramerz and Rocket Internet are doing their best to grow the trend of online shopping in Pakistan. Below is the list of top ten online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018.

1., launched in 2012 is undisputedly is one of South Asia’s premium online shopping platforms due to its multi-category shopping events. Daraz has 30,000 sellers with 500 brands and almost 2.5 million products. It gets 15.03 million visits on monthly bases; each visit takes 3 minutes and 58 seconds that reinforce its place in the most visited e-commerce platforms. This platform offers almost everything from electrical, electronics, mobile & computing, clothing, home appliances, kids’ products, books to beauty & fashion accessories, and much more. It has acquired by Alibaba group in May 2018. acquired two years ago and all of the traffic on its domain is also redirected to now. It gets 65.64% of its total visits either through direct searches and only 4.77% of its traffic through social media.

2. is also a Pioneer in e-commerce industry which stands exceptionally in offering electronic products on a single platform with best prices and availability. It has dethroned to take the second spot in 2008. Its primary objective is to supply the best online shopping experience and the best customer service to the customers.

There are innumerable products listed on the website, under different categories, from some of the best brands. So, if you don’t want to put yourself in trouble, is an ideal place for you to shop all kinds of products. is not much popular as but, monthly, it gets 1.339 and every view takes the average duration of 5 minutes and 58 seconds. Each viewer opens 2.85 pages at HomeShopping but its numbers have improved by nearly 50% over the past months. Above 70% of its traffic comes from search engines and above 16 % comes from other search referrals and almost 4% of traffic comes from social media. has Android and iOS application that allows the users to buy products by placing the order from their smartphones. It delivers its products all over Pakistan as it has offices in metropolitans of Pakistan.

3.     Yayvo, a part of TCS E-COM (Pvt.) Ltd is an online shopping portal of TCS that has reached a top 3 from last year. It offers excellent customer experiences for online shoppers and walk-in customers at the TCS Express Centers. Its delivery and payment system is very easy and the customer can buy soghaat/sweets/fruits, electronic products,  health & beauty, TV and multimedia items, books & stationeries etc here.

Yayvo increased its traffic by following great promotional campaigns during the Pakistan Super League. Yayvo, on average, attracts 1.088 million views monthly. Each view, on average,  takes 4 minutes and 13 seconds and the viewers open more than 3 pages per visit on the website. Yayvo gets 41.87% of direct traffic rather its social media presence is satisfactory. It gets 9.20% of its visitors from social media, and the website generates 40.84% traffic from search engines.

4.     Goto

Goto is your one-stop online shopping marketplace in Pakistan that is bringing a reliable and convenient shopping experience to your hands. Goto aims to give an unfailing trouble-free shopping experience to Pakistani people.  It offers electronics, fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands, best collections of clothing, electronics, and fashion accessories in the comfort of your home. The online retailer didn’t even register this website in last year’s rankings but strong marketing and promotions campaigns have dragged it to the 4th spot on the top ten online shopping stores in Pakistan. gets average 900,099 visits a month. Yet, the visits are short duration and visitors usually stay for less than 90 seconds and view just 2.40 pages each time. gets 31.58% and 32.01% of its traffic from social media and paid ads which clearly indicate its strong marketing. However, its direct traffic is only 12% and search engine traffic hardly registers.

5. is a simple yet efficient layout that allows you to shop amazing merchandise of top brands in a much easier way by just browsing through its product galleries from the comfort of your seat. It offers online shopping services in Pakistan with free shipping. offers video game consoles, tablet PC, Smartphone’s, wearable gadgets, media players, home theaters, and fashion and beauty products. It has different sections for men and women as well.

 iShopping lost traffic and performed poorly in rankings last year but its increasing number of products will increase its rankings for sure. It gets 867,733 visits monthly with a stay time of 1 minute and 48 seconds. Each viewer, on average, opens about 1.87 pages on the site. gets most of its traffic from search engines that make 82.17% of the total visits. It gets 10.99% visits directly, 3.82% of its traffic comes from referrals and 2.59% of traffic through social media.

6. is one of the top Online Shopping platforms in Pakistan and a renowned brand in the e-commerce industry. Though it is popular for its Chinese gadgets and accessories it deals in almost all type of products like laptops, computers, Smartphones, office products, watches and many more. Moreover, also deals in beauty and fashion items of men and women. It meets the international standards and uses six different models for receiving payments from its customers.

Due to a poor website design and not having a proper marketing, it quickly came down from the last year’s ranking list. got more than 2.2 million visits in November but currently, the website is falling down and getting around 834,768k average views on the monthly basis. Users spend 5 minutes and 46 seconds on which is relatively good. Visitors open 3.36 pages on per visit and 82.99% of its total visits come from search engines. It gets 1.96% visits from social media and 13.59 of its traffic come directly through referrals or website.

7. gives convenient and problem free way of Online Shopping in Pakistan Mega improved its spot from last year’s 8th to place at number 7th this year. the website offers branded products including home appliances, Smartphones, kitchen appliances, fitness gears, generators, laptops, air conditioners, ups, and much more.

The views count on the platform improved significantly due to its marketing strategies. The site gets 632,116K visits each month. 2.68 pages are opened on average on every view. The visitors stay 4 minutes and 50 seconds on per page on this platform. 88.98% of its traffic comes from search engines whilst 9.76% visitors open the website directly. The social media visibility of the website is comparatively low as just 0.59% traffic coming from there. The 0.41% of the total visitors come through referrals to the platform.

8., a property of Arslan Nazir s/o Muhammad Nazir, launched on 25th January 2006, is an online retailer, offering almost all kind of products across Pakistan with an almost free delivery. It is a marketplace for buying Smartphones, computers and laptops, electronics. TV and projectors, cameras and games, health and fitness and home appliances etc.

It was one of the top visited online stores in Pakistan; however, it has lost its place due to poor marketing. It was at 5th last year, however, it has come down to 7th number this time.

ShopHive gets 572,313K visitors each month with an improvement of about 200k visitors from last year. The average visit duration is 2 minutes and 27 seconds with 2.93 pages viewed per stay. 3.11 pages, on average, are opened on every visit. Shophive gets 82.22% of its total visits through search engines. The direct visitors to the site are 14.13% of the total visits and 2.11% traffic comes from social media.


Telemart, a Karachi based company,  is the Fastest growing and an outstanding e-commerce store, enables the customers to get experience the best online shopping in Pakistan. On this stunning platform of cyber trade, you can find a nonstop collection of quality products in many categories such as IT and gadgets, kitchen and home appliances, electronics, fashion, and many more. It stands on the list of top visited e-commerce websites in Pakistan. The average visitor’s stay on the website is 2 minutes and 01 seconds. The website attracts total 383,804K views per month. Each visitor opens about 2.98 Telemart pages while staying on the platform. Most of the traffic portion comes from search engines that are 56.15% of total traffic. The website has a great social media attraction as well that brings up 22.77% visitors. Moreover, 17.12% users access the site directly, while 3.05% come to the platform through referrals.

10. is the best online shopping website in Pakistan gives you the convenient, affordable and fast way experience of online shopping at e-commerce store. It brings the most amazing products like Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Gucci, Skechers, J.junaid Jamshed, Dolce & Gabbana, Khaadi, Maria. B, Sapphire, Bonanza, Satrangi, Beechtree, Nishat, Ethnic, Ego, Generation, Lala Textiles, Kyseria, Alkaram, Sana Safinaz,  Urban sole, Espico, Calvin Klein Victoria Secret and many other.  of top brands at your doorstep. attracts 332,000 visitors on average monthly. The average visits are about 3 minutes and 17 seconds while each user opens over 7 pages on average. It gets 32.7% of its visitors from search engines while one more major contributor is social media that brings 49.7% visitors. The 14% visits come directly while just 0.1% traffic comes from other referrals.

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