Telenor Velocity brings ‘DuckStories’ to Peshawar

Peshawar – 17 December, 2018:Telenor Velocity’s Duck Stories reached Peshawar as the region is producing phenomenal entrepreneurs. The event was attended by industry representatives and budding entrepreneurs from Peshawar and neighboring areas like Swat.

DuckStories is a series of regular events where accomplished entrepreneurs and professionalsshare their career mistakes and failures with the audience. They share instances from their lives where they had to ‘duck’, get back on feet and tread again towards their goals. The prime objective of the program is to eradicate the fear of failure and foster experimentation to strengthen the country’s startup landscape.

The speakers for Peshawar chapter included NabeelQadeer, by the man behind “Idea CaroronKa” and Muhammad Mustafa who shared his learning from his startup Mouqa Online. They narrated life changing events from theirexperiences and the professional decisions they had to make, which at times proved to be failure but in retrospect paved way to better prospects.

DuckStories have a characteristic fun element to them which make the whole event both amusing and enlightening.This episode was no different where the speakers shared both laughs and sighs as theyrecollected their lifelong struggles.

“There is always more to learn from failures and mistakes than successes,” said Sardar Abubakr, Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, Telenor Pakistan. “Working closely with entrepreneurs, we at Telenor Velocity believe that it is crucial for them to have exposure to journeys of invaluable learning experiences from ‘now’ successful startups. Through fascinating stories of struggle, failure and renewed ambitions, DuckStories aims to bring hope to those who continue to struggle with achieving their ambitions and help make educated decisions.”

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