South Korea Launches Super Speed 5G mobile Internet

Its been hyped for months as nothing less than a revolution embracing the possibilities of super speed 5G mobile internet in a country already one of the world’s most digitally connected.

The spoke person said  “we’ve led the world in developing 5G technology as phone makers and service providers we have set the standards so we can be the first to release such services into the market for most people in South Korea.

It’s the fun stuff of 5G that’s the big draw effortless video chatting with as many friends as you want in any guys friends as you want in any guys you might choose real time video gaming with multiple users and screens augmented reality and virtual reality even  the ability to deliver Holograms of your favorite sports and KPop stars.

South Korea’s 5G providers are predicting massive up take even though only one Smartphone maker currently has a device that can handle 5G soon on.  “We’re expecting at least 1 million of our customers to take up 5G before the end of the year then there’s the wider possibilities offered by  massive data transmission with hardly any delay the development of smart cars and eventually driverless vehicles managing robots in telemedicine or in industry our world is likely to look very different and then there’s the fun stuff again with mobile internet speeds about a hundred times quicker. It means a
high-definition movies that would normally take around seven minutes to download can be on your device in around about five seconds with so much more date being shared at ever greater speeds there’s inevitably questions about the increased dangers of hacking

South Korea’s providers say they have incorporated safety measures into their 5G systems and for many users any concerns seem to be outweighed the promise of near limitless data and speed.

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