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First up let’s take a look at what you get inside the box when un-boxing your Fitbit Versa 2. They have pretty much kept the packaging exactly the same across all the vs. and I like it nothing overly complicated and not too much plastic either.

So in the box of course you get the charging cradle that charges your versatile watch. You also get an additional strap size which is really nice. Some quick start information a bit of a user guide as well all your product information warranty all that jazz of course the beautiful Fitbit versa 2 in the all its glory and once again all of that packaged in the super simple the precursor to box.

Look and Design

Chatting about the look and the design of this watch of course it does look similar to the previous versa models but there are some slight changes and I have got to admit guys I think it looks so slick and stylish the overall size of the watch is actually slightly bigger but again I actually really like this and they’ve gone for such a smooth around an adage on the front as you can see the back has also been modified and slightly change for a more rounded polished feel which is really nice on the wrist and then what I really like about this watch is they haven’t changes the strap sizes so if you have any previous flip adverse and models or maybe a  partner of yours has one you can sue the straps form any one of the versa models and you’ll have no problem at all so I really like this because again if you had one of the previous footprint person models you can use all those existing steps on you beautiful new versa and like I said if you  have got a partner who also has one of the versa modals you guys can swap out or change tracks with no problem at all.


Then chatting about the display and possibly one of the best updates to the foot pack versa to is it now has an OLED display and that means a lot of great things then not only that we also haven’t always on display now which well get into more a bit later but as some of you may know an OLED screen is so fantastic because not only does it make that blacks a lot darker and they colors a lot more vivid but it also helps save on battery and we all need a lot of that in our life I also like within setting you can change so many things about the display and then as you can see here it is a one point 4 inch display 300 pixels of course in previous models you could always wee they display in full blown sunlight or even shade but on the versa 2 guys oh my goodness as you can see you really do not have any issue reading the display whatsoever it is so bright and vivid and no metter what the lighting condition you’ll always be able to read your display so easy and that’s all thatks to the OLED display.

New Feature

And through some new features form the Fitbit versa and as you guys know it now comes with a microphone that is integrated with Amazon Alexa so what that means is if you lift up your watch and hold down on the button you can ask or tell Amazon Alexa anything and it will respond just like this how do you spell awesome it will then do some think and connect to the WiFi or internet and then it comes back with and answer that says awesome is spelt awesome only that if you receive a Whatsapp notification to you watch you can just click the really and you will see a speaker icon if you click on that you can once again speak into your watch and will dictate you entire message and send it all to you Whatsapp contact. Another fantastic feature guys is the quick access menu if you swipe down you see this quick little pop-up and from there you can easily just quickly put you watch on silent mode. You can put it on  do not disturb even change the brightness settings and then also if you quick and easy to access your flick with wallet or the music app it’s all right over there and this a really welcomed new feature that I’ve been using a lot and I’m so glad.

Now there the next new feature is an integrated Spotify application on your Fitbit Versa 2 that you can use to control your Spotify music so the Spotify application was on previous speakers and models but it was a third-party application and in my personal opinion it didn’t work all that well but now the Spotify application is made by quick fit and come standard on all three quick versa 2. So if your phone is busy playing some Spotify you can now use your watch to toggle songs play and pause or even go through versions playlist.

Something else I am glad decided to do was add an always on display option so this is not on automatically you do have to enable it in settings but once it’s on you will always be able to see the time and some other key metrics without having to always flick you wrist if you know what I’m saying.

Standard Features

Some standard features that still exist on the Fitbit Versa 2 is of course the watch faces you can change your clock to anything your heart desires but that I really like from Fitbit is this one it looks likes you are goanna have a cat as your cloth wallpaper but it’s one way you can actually choose you own image and make that your clock wallpaper. I think that is so cool and all you have to do is click on those three dots it’ll take it off to settings and then once you click on setting you can say pick a background image you can either take a picture right there or choose from your photo library as I mentioned I just picked the selfie what’s also really nice is you can adjust the size and the positioning of your image and once you happy you click and just like that you have this amazing custom clock face I think it’s so epic and guys don’t be afraid to check out the other clock faces they have so many epic ones to choose from that you’re bouncing love.

Notifications from apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Gmail you  name it are still there the only difference is that on android you can sue the microphone to resend to messages but on ISO unfortunately not you can’t then can also receive calls as well as the client calls all from your watch and this is a great feature when you’re driving what’s also quite interesting is once you have answered the cold it’ll actually send your watch if the call is still active so this is rally nifty then this has a slight facelift but all the versions fitness modes are still there and if you select one it will obviously take you through all the information that you need while you are busy training so whether it’s your heart rate perhaps the distance calories or time that you need to know while exercising it’s all there just at the click of a button another super nifty application that I use all the time is their timer app so if it’s a stop what you need you click on they’ll start counting down for you or if you need a timer just select how long you want the timer to go for once it begging of course it’ll count when It’s reached the end of the timer your watch is start vibrating.


Now as I mentioned the Versa 2 is slightly bigger than previous versa models biut not by much so firstly as display is 25 millimeters by 25 millimeters it’s roughly 12 millimeters thick and weights only 40 grams and then just so you guys can see and have a comparison this is what it’s like alongside the galaxy fit watch which of course is a lot smaller but the to right of that is the Fitbit ionic display size they’re definitely quite similar but the versa 2 body is a lot more compact and for me is someone with small wrists I like that and fits perfectly.


On to the battery and possibly one of the most frustrating things for me about the versa range is the charging cradle so this how you charge your Fitbit Versa 2 watch you simply place it in this little charade but it has one major design flaw and that is the cable comes straight out of the back so when you leave the cradle by the side of your bed or with your watch energy charge and you place it down on a flat surface this cable coming out the back makes it almost impossible for the cradle to stand upright as you can see here the cable nearly gets in the way and it is so frustrating but besides all of that the battery on this watch lasts beautifully and I’ve had up to almost four days of full news for the out having to charge this watch which is crazy and I love it I think a lot of that is thanks to the new OLED display  

Other Features

Some other features include the interchangeable watch straps so as I mentioned previously you can sue watch straps form any of the previous versa models and it does look a bit trakly when trying to change the watch straps but I assure you with just a little bit of time and patience it is super change up and I’ll have some links down below to my favorites drugs another epic feature that I think a lot of people don’t know about is the relax app so if you if you open it up and active it or what this realx app does it it takes you through a tow minute breathing exercise that is super simple an ultimately just helps you relax you can watch one you have set you r location it will give you all the different weather notification and information that you want and then the sleep tracing feature also ha ns extensive amount of information all based around of course you sleeping so your wear you r watch when you go to be d and then the next Day you can see how much REM sleep you has how much helps you had it is on interesting and then if you’re ever wanted to swim or shower with you watch you can with no problem at all because the Versa to is waterproof which is awesome. The heart relate monitor is also still on the back and constantly track syour heart rate thought out the entire day and also provides you with a bunch of stats if you go into the Fitbit app on your phone I was actually tracking my heart rate when flying a drone the othe day it was off the charts I’ve been lying Fitbit verses for quite  awhile now and I have to say all the new features and improvements are so welcomed and make a huge difference.

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