Huawei we are fine without US

We are fine without US | Huawei Founder

Founder of Huawei Ran Zenki says we don’t need US in order to survive. To him this is just another test he has faced even bigger challenges that this is he actually doesn’t care and he even said that he doesn’t expect us to take them off the entry list. He seems very confident and the reason why he seems so confident is that the business of Huawei is currently doing really really good.

According to the market research from Canada list while we has a strong increase in the shipment game and sold 66.8 million smarphone units with 19 percent shares and 29 present and will grow. Again that is a worldwide shipment even with the band the growth of Huawei has been pretty insane when it comes to the homegrown china Huawei is like thanos a complete dominance in china with 42% market share and 66% annual growth, that’s a massive blow to other Chinese brands the may 30 sales have been skyrocketed even 5G model that was just announced about a week ago has gotten tons of sales.

The home support is certainly insane it’s all because everything that happened Huawei is like a hero company in china. It’s all playing in favor of Huawei even the Board of Directors said that we are gonna continue to grow even without us if any company that can do it its Huawei.

Coming to the actual world record they set the world record for the fastest 5G Phone speed ever tasted on a single Smartphone the score 2.96 GB per second download speed. This happened with dirt telecom a carrier in Turkey who are testing out the family speeds on a single Smartphone.

The Smartphone that was used was of course the Huawei Mate 20x 5G version and the result was insane pretty dope I would say seeing all this imagine if Huawei was never banned by US. its very likely that they would have surpassed Samsung.

 Major new is that, US will soon grant license to the companies who wants to do business with Huawei according to Wilbur Ross while speaking to Bloomberg he said that the license will be coming soon. They have received about 206 applications, which they did not expect and Google is most likely going to be one of the companies who wants to do business with Huawei, so Huawei could still get the Google services back and we can finally see their flagship phones coming to the worldwide game once again. I really hope that happens Huawei is important to smartphone world they are taking risks they are bring  innovations even with everything that happened they are still going strong. Anyways let me know your thought in the comment section below regarding Huawei in the current stage.

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