How to use Uber Delivery Service in Pakistan

Uber has introduced its delivery product. In order to get (prescribed) medical items and essential groceries delivered at your doorstep, tap the “Delivery” option in the app.

How does it work?

Tap the “Delivery” option in the app to request.
Type in the pick up location. This is where your deliveries need to be picked from. In the “Where To” box type in your location. This is where you want your items delivered.
Use our messaging feature in the app to convey your order to the deliverer. If required, call our deliverer to confirm the order.
Pay at the end of the delivery at your doorstep – 5. You can order for max Rs.2000 for the groceries / medical supplies. It is recommended to keep the order value within that limit to avoid inconvenience.


Delivery is not recommended for use in case of valuable items such as mobile handsets, passport, wallet, cash or critical documents.
It is recommended to keep the maximum weight limit to under 10 kgs for any item to be delivered through the service.
By using this product you accept the terms and conditions for Uber Delivery.

Terms & Conditions:
By using Uber Delivery on the Application, you accept/agree to the following supplementary terms and conditions:Uber provides an on-demand lead generation and related service, and only provides a platform for you to connect, communicate and independently contract with Third Party Providers. The contract of carriage of goods shall be solely between you and the Third Party Provider.
You will only use the Services to arrange and schedule the delivery of essential items, such as food, groceries or medicines.
You will not use the Services to place an order for items less than a total value of PKR 500 or exceeding a total value of PKR 2,000, or for the transportation of any items that have a market value exceeding PKR 2000. Uber shall not have any liability with respect to any lost or stolen items.
You will make all orders for items to the Third Party Provider in writing through the Application. Third Party Providers may at any time refuse delivery of items if the items are not readily available or if delivery of the items would violate these terms or applicable laws. Once you have ordered an item, you may not modify or cancel your order.
In addition to the Charges which shall be payable in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, you will, immediately upon delivery, pay the Third Party Provider in cash for the items. If a delivery fails for reasons attributed to you, you may be charged full price for both items and the Charges.
Any billing and reconciliation with respect to delivery of items by Third Party Providers will be conducted between you and the Third Party Provider.
Uber is not the seller or the agent of the seller of the items. Without prejudice to the General Terms and Conditions, Uber and the Third Party Provider shall not have any liability with respect to the items delivered by the Third Party Provider.
Without prejudice to the General Terms and Conditions, Uber may deactivate you immediately without notice in the event of any abuse or misuse of the Uber Delivery brand or non-compliance with these supplementary terms and conditions.

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