KARACHI: METRO Pakistan as part of its life savers campaign managed a blood collection drive and set up blood camps at six of its stores in and Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Lahore, to give its employees and customers an opportunity to donate blood.

During this pandemic the blood donors have reduced massively due to lock down and as a moral duty, METRO Pakistan decided to step up by collaborating with Sundus Foundation, a charitable organization, registered with the Government of Punjab, and affiliated with the Thalassemia International Federation, particularly to cater the Thalassemia patients, who are in dire need of blood transfusion.

The overall response was overwhelming from the customers and employees, amid the month of Ramadan, and took it as their personal responsibility and donated blood to save lives of all in need. The employees showed unwavering dedication as they embody METRO’s mission of rising to the challenge of supporting people and society.

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