TELENOR Employs are Suspended by The Company

Staff Report: The TELENOR Microfinance Bank start suspending there employs by counterfeit, which working for them about years. When the conspiracy exposed, the employs start demonstration against the CEO of the company and other important persons. Employs said that if their rights are not granted then they go for appeal to the judiciary. Protestor makes reference to the labor court and appeal for the help. The employs suspended by the telenor jointly give the declaration that TELENOR Microfinance Bank unemployed thousands of people of Pakistan.

From TELENOR, the forced removed employs giving there statement that bank have their own wrong policies which make their big loss. And now the management tries to unemployed the employs from all over the Pakistan for facing the loss. The employs said that the employs whom working for fourteen years in TELENOR Micro Financing Bank give the statement that the company plans to suspend us by applying false accusations on us. The micro financing bank destroys the life and future of the company employs by giving them straight treatment, so they cannot work any other place.

One employee has almost minimum 15 to 20 lacks have grajoity and provident fund which management wants to get it. Therefore companies target those persons whom work for them almost 14 to 15 years. But company employs disagree by this management decision and challenge the NIRC on the labor court and they also start protesting against the corrupt management of the company so they get there rights. Moreover the protestor says that from all over the Pakistan are gathered at one place and soon they protest against the company CEO Mudasir Aqil and his corrupt team.

They also said that state bank of Pakistan also give there statement that the reasons of the loss of the company is due to the own companies wrong policies but they oppress the employs to cover their own incompetence. One of the employee said that the retaliation is start with the lower staff and the upper staff doing their job. The employs from all the banks appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Supreme Court of Pakistan and state bank of Pakistan that they should get the notice of this.

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