GrocerAppSets the Stage with highly competitive prices in the E-Grocer Market
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GrocerApp Sets the Stage with highly competitive prices in the E-Grocer Market

All your Grocery needs fulfilled!Thanks to GrocerApp’s 5% cheaper rates andsame day delivery serviceat your doorstep

Lahore – September 23, 2020:GrocerApp is the leading e-grocer market in Pakistan, a convenient platform that offers a full-range of groceries including fruits, vegetables and meat at super competitive prices. GrocerApp has successfully eliminated the worries, fears and myths of online purchasing, such as;delayed deliveries, quality issues and high prices.

GrocerApp has introduced the highest standards and best-practices to the e-grocers market in Pakistan, by providing high quality products for much lower prices. The prices offered are 5% cheaper than regular company rates.It is surely an exciting initiative for all segments of consumers –as it promises peace of mind for men who are concerned about exceeding budgets, while it offers unmatched convenience for women, who want to keep their kitchen cabinets filled till the end of the month. Adding more to the bucket with 5% cheaper rates, Grocerapp has also inspiredmany new trends in the e-grocer market.

The app works with the motive of delivering high quality products on market-competitive prices with a super swift, same-day delivery service. GrocerApp is a one-stop shop, with a hi-tech solution for all your daily grocery needs

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